Erotic Art



"Hey there good looking! Guess who? That's right! It's me, Candice! I'm the only one around here with pink hair and a saucy twitch to my lips! Hey! Those aren't my lips you're looking at! Oh, well, it's ok to look! Maybe squeeze. And don't forget to look and squeeze as we are going to roam within the world of Denise TV!"

"Oh yes, Denise TV. I loved the name right off! But it certainly doesn't depict what you are about to see. Oh no. What's inside will blow your mind, make everything tingle and sway and have you grabbing the arms of your seat. It was a ride of delectable eye candy I must say. The Artist has a great touch for the erotic, the sensual, the special and the curves of fantasy and desire. You'll be breathing heavy and needing several drinks by the time you're done! The name hints at nothing and everything and the first stop is the Pin Ups! It's scintillatingly naughty! Come on in, hold my hand if need be, but don't let go because you won't want to stop once inside. Promise!"


It's All Coming Together!

You want to see this artist's work. We have something even better for you! A bunch of artists have got together to form Three Moons Art. So now you can see this artist plus dozens of others, all in one place and for one small single payment!

That's right! You get this artist's Members Gallery plus thousands more pieces of erotic art for a single subscription price of $24.95!

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